Book Review on Climate Change Education: Knowing, Doing an Being

13/01/2015 09:07

The following book review was published in the January 2015 issue of CHOICE connect, A publication of the Association of College and Research Libraries - A division of the American Library Association :

This book offers a succinct view of the issue of addressing the controversial topic of climate change in classrooms.  Chang (Nanyang Technological Univ., Singapore) carefully defines climate change education and reviews how the topic is approached globally.  The author uses Singapore as a case study to provide specific examples of common student and teacher misconceptions, attempts to change curriculum, formal and nonformal education ideas, and assessment of educational impact.  The book offers suggestions for judging teacher readiness to address the topic of climate change, aids for teacher preparation, and ideas for learning assessments that are student-centered and based in experiential learning.  A strong bibliography and a thorough list of related reading on the topic support the text. 

--D. L. King, University of Georgia


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